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                                       Printed Circuit Boards(PCB)

                                             ISO9000-2000 Certified



Products Scope                                        We manufactures and supplies Printed Circuit

Products exhibition                                               Boards for the electron field and  brings you high

Double sided PCB                                     quality PCBs from 1 layer to 20 layer.

4-layer PCB

Multiplier PCB 


Our PCB manufacturing  and our PCB assembly manufacturing areISO9002 certified.  And provide RoHS Product. Many  years experience of PCB and PCBA manufacturing, and got IS014000 and UL certificates.

Today, eleclink is emerging as an electronic partner with the management depth, resources and expertise and the flexibility and agility.   This makes it easier for our customers to innovate, compete and continue to drive down the cost of electronic products. Our manufacturing is very flexible, and can meet needs as varied as small volume 2-layer prototypes, up to huge volume 20-layer mass productions.                                                                                         

We  provide you PCB product with high quality you can trust,   We offer 100% quality warrantee, shipping lead time guarantee and  lower price guarantee in North Americans market !  Our sales and customer service team is always ready to answer your questions and meet your needs! Please kindly email to sales@eleclink.com  for PCB quote.

PCB Performance:                                

                       ·Blind and Buried via PCB
                       ·Immersion gold plating PCB
                       ·High frequency PCB
                       ·High TG (170C) PCB
                       ·Free halogen PCB
                       ·Impedance control PCB
                       ·Different PCB surface finish:  HAL, Flash 
                          gold,  Immersion gold, Goldconnectors;  
                       ·Colorful solder mask PCB
                       ·PCB Bwith Bridge Connecting


PCB Prototype Promotions :           NEW!!!

2 layer PCB:    $18.99 each  for 4pcs boards

4 Layer PCB:   $45.99 each for 4pcs boards

No setup charge for prototype promotions!


Please mail to our sales to ask for 4  protoypes engineering boards with super-low price when you need to do some initial evaluation for a product and need to order qty 4 prototypes of your design. Please mail to sales@eleclink.com    We cooperate with you on your designs and work together with you on your engineering challenges. 


Low Pricing for Small PCB Order with high quality manufacturing

The following chart are price samples for small orders of a 3" x 4" board. The price unit is USD,

Standard lead time is 2 weeks.   However for fast PCB, the lead time can be 3 days depending on customers' needs. 

 Please note:   Discount for Re-Orde . All price including VAT.  All price are FOB in our factory in Guangdong.

The shipping is via FedEx or DHL for customers in anywhere for North America, Europe and other global electronic makers.



For 10pcs-500 pcs of double sided 3" x 4" PCB board ordering chart. The price unit is USD.



2 Weeks

         10 pcs /each


        10 Re-Order


         25 pcs /each


        25 Re-Order


         50 pcs /each


     50 Re-Order


        100 pcs /each


    100 Re-Order


         500 pcs /each


     500 Re-Order



Set up and test charge $59.


For 10-500 pcs of 4 layer 3" x 4" PCB board ordering chart. The price unit is USD 



2 Weeks

         10 pcs /each


     10 Re-Order


         25 pcs /each


     25 Re-Order


         50 pcs /each


      50 Re-Order


        100 pcs /each


      100 Re-Order


         500 pcs /each


      500 Re-Order



Set up and test charge $130.



Low Pricing for Large PCB Order with low cost-high quality manufacturing

For 5000 pcs of 2 layer 3" x 4" PCB board ordering chart. The price unit is USD /sq.inch

Units  4-5 Weeks

2 Layers

      4 Layers

6 Layers

    5,000 pcs (50k,  sq. inch)




   5,000 pcs (100k,  sq. inch)




    5,000 pcs (200k,  sq. inch)







                                                            The Pricing is valid for Standard production:


                                                           ·Basematerial: FR4, 1.55mm (0.062" thick board) 
                                                           ·Minimum hole: 0,3mm(0.012") 
                                                           ·Copper thickness : 35µm Cu (1 oz plating layers) 
                                                           ·Trackwith/space: 0.25/0.25mm min. (0.0098" min.) 
                                                           ·Plating: HAL , Electrolytic gold (hard gold) 
                                                           ·V-cut, Milled Outline 
                                                           ·Max Board dimensions:  635mmx406mm 
                                                           ·Solderstop: 2X 
                                                           ·Silkscreen Marking Print: 2X 




                                                           Lead time:


                                                           Standard Lead time is 2 weeks.  The lead time can be 3 days

                                                           to 6 weeks depending on customers' needs. If your specifications

                                                           are different, please contact to sales@eleclink.com for our 

                                                           100% low price guaranteed quote. 

                                                           Get a faster quoted price and uiltru-fast PCB bord made:
                                                           If you want to make uiltru-fast PCB price and uiltru-fast PCB board     

                                                           made:  Please click the online faster PCB quote

                                                           The lead time can be 2 days.






                                                            Payments can be made by wire transfer the funds to account appointed 
                                                            or mail a check to address appointed . To qualify for an 30 account,

                                                            However, we request that new customer orders should be paid by wire

                                                            transfer the funds  to avoid any delays in processing or shipping.  



                                                           Information on Delivery Time

                                                           Standard Delivery time is 12WD if:
                                                                             - more than 500 pcs
                                                                             - other material than FR4
                                                                             - special options like blind or buried vias,  
                                                                               technology smaller 100 µm
                                                                             - more than 8 layers
                                                                             - custom-made requirements 
                                                            The day of order counts as working day after receipt 
                                                            of producible production data, in Gerber format (also  
                                                            possible)and drill program , not later than 09:00 o`clock.
                                                            We state explicitly: Day of dispatch does not count as  working day.



Our Capabilities
                                    PCB (Printed Circuit Board)


 Technology  parameter                          


 Min. Line Width/Spaces(mils) 4.0/4.0  (0.004" (0.1 mm))
 Max. Layer Count 20
 layer to layer registration tolerance (mil) 6(0.006"(0.15mm))
 Board thicknessDouble-sided:0.02", 0.031", 0.039", 0.047", 0.062", 0.078", 0.094"             Maximum board thickness :0.13"
 Base materialsFR-4, FR-406, FR-408, FR-5, G10, CEM3
 Copper foil0.5 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz
 Min. PTH - Mechanical (mils)8  (0.008" (0.2mm))                            
 Max. Aspect Ratio 10:1
 Impedance Control(%) 5
 Tolerance of board thickness(mm) +/-0.05( Board thickness less than 1.0mm )
 Tolerance of board thickness(mm) +/-5%( Board thickness more than 1.0mm )
 Silkscreen/Legend colorswhite, black, yellow, pink, red
 Solder MaskGreen, Yellow,  Red, Blue, Purple, Silver, Gold, Black
 Gold finger/Max gold thickness 1.25 mm (50 micro-inches)
 PlatingHAL Lead-tin, Immersion gold , Immersion nickel, Electrolytic gold , Immersion tin, OSP
 Lead free Process High Tg/Haloge Rree (>180℃)
 Flatness 0.1%
 Thin board(mm) Small Volume( 0.05 )
 Thick board(mm) 10.0
 Buried resistor/Capacitance Embedded Resistance



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