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• Final Quality Inspection

We conduct a battery of tests to ensure the quality of all product shipped  from the Far East meets or exceeds the quality expectations of our customers. Each type of PCB we offer official Inspection with micro section




• Worldwide Quality Coordination

Quality and reliability demand consistent processes across all facilities and sites. Eleclink has established identical quality systems and performance indicators for worldwide material control, design, production and employee training in order to ensure product uniformity, consistency and reliability.

• Qualiti Policy Statement

Eleclink is dedicated to effectively promoting quality and reliability principles within its network of supply partners in order to:

    • Promote and grow core technical and strategic proficiencies to bring top-tier capabilities to market
    • Establish customer-centric culture to ensure customer needs are treated as priority one
    • So Sustain a rigorous yet flexible management system to leverage talent of the entire Eleclink team in delivering products of the highest caliber.

Quick response, Eleclink will reply Customer's any enquiry within 12hours
CAM Engineering Design / Documentation Review:

This is done to ensure manufacturability and reveal and recommend any cost-effective design changes that could yield a benefit in cost and or manufacturability of the commodity being sourced.

The engineering team generates one complete set of datafile plot-outs for correlation & verification of the supplier's cam plot. Once approved, engineering checks & approves the supplier's working A/W & checks the drill program on a physically drilled sample for hole size & location and to determine if there are any missing holes. Lastly, engineering reviews and approves the plating fixture to guarantee that there are no missing test points.

• PCB Quote Promotion:

We offer 100% quality warrantee, 100%shipping lead time guarantee and 100% lowprice guarantee in North Americans market and in Europe market .


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