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                                                       □ PCB  Technological level




            Our highlights are:                                                         

                            High-layer PCBs

                           High-density PCBs

                           High Frequency PCBs

                           Lead Free and Halogen Free PCBs



                Our Technological level:    

                           PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

 Technology  parameter                          


 Min. Line Width/Spaces(mils) 4.0/4.0  (0.004" (0.1 mm))
 Max. Layer Count 20
 layer to layer registration tolerance (mil) 6(0.006"(0.15mm))
 Board thicknessDouble-sided:0.02", 0.031", 0.039", 0.047", 0.062", 0.078", 0.094"             Maximum board thickness :0.13"
 Base materialsFR-4, FR-406, FR-408, FR-5, G10, CEM3
 Copper foil0.5 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz
 Min. PTH - Mechanical (mils)6  (0.008" (0.2mm))                            
 Max. Aspect Ratio 10:1
 Impedance Control(%) 5
 Tolerance of board thickness(mm) +/-5%( Board thickness more than 1.0mm )
 Silkscreen/Legend colorswhite, black, yellow, pink, red
 Solder MaskGreen, Yellow,  Red, Blue, Purple, Silver, Gold, Black
 Gold finger/Max gold thickness 1.25 mm (50 micro-inches)
 PlatingHAL Lead-tin, Immersion gold , Immersion nickel, Electrolytic gold , Immersion tin, OSP
 Lead free Process High Tg/Haloge Rree (>180℃)
 Flatness 0.1%
 Thin board(mm) Small Volume( 0.05 )
 Thick board(mm) 10.0
 Buried resistor/Capacitance Embedded Resistance




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