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Online Quoting For PCB
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Pricing is valid for standard:
    Base Material£º:FR4   0.064"
    Copper Thickness£º35μm  Cu(1 oz plating layers)
    Trackwith/space£º:0.15/0.15mm  min.(0.0059" min.)
    Minimum  Hole£º0.25mm(0.012")
    Number of Holes£ºNo limit
    Routing£ºNo limit
    HAL(Lead-tin)  or  Plate  golden
    Boards Minimal Quantity£º10 PCS
    Order Dimension£º0¡ª64 sq ft (0¡ª6m²)
    100%  E-test

           A actual  last  quotation  is  base  on  gerber  files  and  will  be  given  by  our  sales  if  no  standard.
           For mass quantity order,the quotaion will be given by our sales.
           Please contact our sales; email to : sales@eleclink.com



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