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Eleclink  manufactures  PCB, PCBA ( PCB assembly ) and electronic enclosures products that serve as critical building block for the electron field.  We have expanded our business becoming a manufacturer services and customer solutions for global electronic makers. 

Our PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly manufacturing are ISO9002 certified.  Including: manufacturing,engineering design, assembly, equipment enclosures and final product testing from prototypes to mass production. 

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Impact low price for PCB products in America market and in other market with our high quality manufacturing .

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 See our PCBA Products Offering

Eleclink manufacture high quality PCB with final product testing from prototypes to mass production and high density PCB from double sided up to 20-layer PCB,  Production was used for telecom, automatic, instrument, ... widely field. Our customer are all over the world. With business expanding rapidly and meet customer increasing requirement, we provide high quality PCBA product.  "Meeting demand of customer, make customer satisfied" is our services principle. We are a vendor you can trust.

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